The Sun Oven® makes solar cooking easy, effective and fun. Be among the first to showcase this amazing device!

The original Sun Oven® - 2 Flavours!

If you've heard of Solar Cooking, you probably know that it is only limited by the device you are using. For nearly 30 years, the Global Sun Oven ® has provided the standard by which everyone measures this ability. Now, with refinements there is an updated version, the Aussie Edition Sun Oven ®.

Both devices are serious cooking appliances that give the very best performance and experience and attract attention for all the right reasons.

Check out details of each oven, compare them, learn more about this amazing technology or order yours today with the links on the left.
the World's best solar oven…JUST GOT BETTER!
Sun Oven Australia Team!
The Global Sun Oven ® solar cooker is a great investment. Buy it once and get free cooking for years! Add to this the benefits of 'leave and cook', healthier food, tastier food and environmental sensitivity - and you have a winner!


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