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It is so easy to get FANTASTIC results!
Happy Sun Oven Owners

The Sun Oven® makes solar cooking easy, effective and fun. Join the many thousands worldwide who have benefited from this amazing device!

Solar Cookers - the heart of solar cooking

Solar Cooking is an amazing activity that can achieve amazing results and be very rewarding - if the device used is well designed.

The principles are extremely basic for solar cooking, though the design of the device is crucial for safe, effective results. There is a fine line between too much heat (burnt food, lost nutrition or damaged ovens) and not enough heat (cooking takes too long, unable to bake etc).

The Sun Oven® range hit the nail on the head with safe, useful heat that can bake, roast and steam.
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A Solar Cooker is a device that uses the rays from the Sun to cook food.

Basically the solar cooker collects heat from the sun. The most basic type would be a box with a glass lid. The suns rays go through the glass and heat up the chamber. Many things affect how hot the chamber gets: the efficiency of the glass, the colour and material of the chamber (and pot), the angle to the sun, the atmospheric conditions (dust, smoke, haze, humidity, clouds) and insulation of the chamber.

To increase the effectiveness of a solar cooker, it is necessary to increase the collection of the suns rays. Many solar cookers do this by adding 'collectors' (often called reflectors) to increase the heat captured. There are many designs, but the balance is a crucial one. Too much collection and you have hot spots and burnt food, too little and the solar cooker is useless on days with a little dust or haze (that we generally don't notice) and may not be able to bake even on the best days.

There are many types of Solar Cookers - Hot Boxes, Solar Ovens, Parabolic Mirrors and evacuated tubes being the main types.
Each one has benefits & drawbacks... i.e. a parabolic cooker (or dish) can reach extremely high temperatures, but is dangerous to the eyes, burns food very easily (food has to be continually turned) and a high risk in any wind.

The Sun Oven was designed to over come the common problems of solar cooking. It combines the best of each design into an easy to use and highly effective device. It is an insulated box with a black metal inner cooking chamber with ultra high efficient glass. It then has 4 reflectors to increase the heat. These collectors are positioned to make sure you not only get the best useable heat, but also mean you don't have to turn the oven as much (or at all) when cooking. These reflectors fold down out of the way in one easy action for storage too!

The Sun Oven® is an everyday cooking device that is light, highly effective, easy to use, requires virtually no maintenance, is safe and designed to last 20 years or more! We have continual reports of how this solar cooker outperforms people's expectations - the common theme: "it is so easy to use".
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The Sun Oven ® has been designed to be easy to use. It is light and compact and very, very fast and easy to set up.

  1. Lift the reflectors and twist the locking pin to keep them in place

  2. Turn the oven towards the sun

  3. Raise the leg at the back so that the oven is pointing the sun (if needed)

  4. Put the food in - close the lid.

  5. Go do something useful, fulfilling or fun…

  6. Enjoy your delicious sun cooked food!

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You can use the Global Sun Oven ® Solar Cooker nearly anywhere!

As long as the sun is shining - you can cook food quickly, easy and to gourmet standards!

The Backyard, Patio, Porch or Pergola - where we use it most! Put your food in & just come back when it's ready - or even later! The food will be better than you expect and it's totally safe and free!

On the deck of your boat - relax have a swim and cook that freshly caught fish - without fire!

Go to the beach, the park, picnic - take the Sun Oven with you. It is light & easy to carry and is insulated so acts as an Esky to keep food cool until you want to cook it.
Then when you are ready fold out the reflectors & enjoy hot food right where you are!

Camping, 4wd & Caravaning - this device is compact & easy to store. It is also very light (12 Kg) and will give you amazing results while on the road. No more expensive gas bottles, stinking hot caravans or cold tins of beans (WARNING: NEVER cooked a closed tin of food!)! Perfect bread, roasts, Curries you name it - anywhere!
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While anyone can use this amazing cooker there are 3 types of people that will benefit the most from this device:

Gourmet Chefs - yes many gourmet chefs use this device for the results it gives BUT we don't just mean them. We mean those who (like us) love to eat gourmet food - i.e. food that is cooked to perfection.

Those with a life - those either too busy or involved to care or be able to get good results in their cooking. The Sun Oven® allows people like you & me to get AMAZING results, in very little time. Put the food in & keep doing what you're doing.

The wise - those concerned with their health, finances or environmental impact…even those who would like to be less reliant and prepared for emergencies.

Great for:
Fishermen, Campers, Boaters, Picnicers, Busy Mums, Tradesmen, Builders, BBQ'ers, Hunters, Prospectors, Gardeners, Environmentalists, Greenies and even Politicians*!

*Ok we know this is a stretch - but really it is that easy and there is no chance of blame!

You can cook in your own back yard or while out'n about. You can even put your meal in before you go to work, come back & it is cooked & still hot!

Anyone who is pressed for time, wants better tasting food or a cooler kitchen, travellers and those concerned about global warming will find immense pleasure and benefit from using this Solar Cooker.
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With the Sun Oven ®, you can use a wide variety of cooking pots and pans. Covered black pots work best, but we use pyrex casseroles dishes, standard cake tins, baking racks and lasagne trays at times. Even cast iron pots can be used but the initial heat up time will be longer.
The only type of cookware you should avoid is stainless steel as this reflects heat away from the food and will severely increase cooking times or prevent food from cooking at all.

We sell a range of safe and durable U.S.A. made Granite Ware that is perfect for the Global Sun Oven ®. The roasting dishes are very, very hard wearing (still in use in some developing countries after 15+ years everyday use!) and safe. They really do compliment the Sun Oven® and serve as great storage containers for the fridge too. We use them for everything from rice to curries(!) to soups to roasts and pizzas. Getting hungry thinking about it…
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Virtually anything that you can cook in a gas / electric oven can be cooked in the Sun Oven®

Nearly any recipe can be used for the best results in the Sun Oven ®. We have a few recipes to get you started, though what you already cook and know will work fine. You generally just adjust the cooking time.

The limitations of the Sun Oven® are things that require extreme heat like Pork Crackling (arghh can anyone say that without cringing?!). While we think you are not missing ANYTHING there - there may be other things that require more than 400ºF (205ºC) that the Sun Oven® will not be able to achieve.

For some recipes - just sign up to our newsletter and you will get them for free. You will also be notified of new products and recipes as they arrive. When you buy a Sun Oven ® you will also receive a computer disk with recipes and instructions - the Aussie Edition comes with a LOT!
The Global Sun Oven ® solar cooker is a great investment. Buy it once and get free cooking for years! Add to this the benefits of 'leave and cook', healthier food, tastier food and environmental sensitivity - and you have a winner!


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The sun is a free gift from God - so is the Son (Jesus)!

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