...and UP and UP

W.A. set to have the highest electricity prices in Australia (!).

Buy the Sun Oven and minimalist your bill...
A recent report for W.A. states:

"The average bill for a WA power consumer was $1412 in 2016-17.
After a 10.9 per cent price rise this year, a 7 per cent planned hike next year and a 5.6 per cent rise in 2019-20, the same bill is tipped to reach more than $1770.
Over the next two years alone, the average bill will jump by $203."

$1770 is a LOT of money for electricity! If you are one of those who would like to save a chunk of your energy bill (while getting all the healthy and time benefits!!), the Sun Oven is for you!

Daily use could see you pay off the oven in 3-4 years and then save thousands over the next 10 years! Then Sun Oven is a great investment!
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