RENEW readers!

Welcome to our RENEW readers! As an extra special for you - we have added a bonus set of roasting pans (value $40) and and special $50 off coupon.
We, as supporter of reliable aternative energy sources, know that it can be an expensive excercise.

It is worthwhile however for our health and has many other benefits. We believe that solar cooking has the potential to take off in Australia as people use reliable, effective and long lasting solar cookers. Most RENEW readers are also serious about the benefits of alternative energy (and even solar cooking) and so we are offering a RENEW reader discount. Simply enter the below code into the 'voucher' box when you order and you will receive a no-strings attached $50 off your order!

Thank you for your support of this vital and effective technology!

Go to the Buy Now page, add the items you would like, hit 'buy now' and enter the code below. Be sure to hit 'update total' after entering the code as it can not be applied once you complete payment.

Code: RENEW50

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