We believe...
The sun was created to give us heat, light and energy and that God's Son, Jesus was given so we could live. Because of this we want to help others in need.

The Result...
We have decided to subsidise some Global Sun Ovens® out of our own pocket for those in need*. We are allowing others to donate to this cause as well - 100% of what you donate will go towards the victims oven.

PLEASE do not abuse this offer and steal from us. We can not afford it and others in genuine need will then miss out. If you are in need please ensure you describe your situation to us and we will contact you before confirming the order. Alternatively you may phone us for a private conversation.

GIVERS: (donations)
If you would like to donate towards this cause, please use the form below to donate any amount over $10. Every cent you donate will go to the victims (we will even cover the payment processing fees etc from the bank(s). We will endeavour to ensure these ovens go to those in genuine need.
You can opt to have the funds distributed evenly over all the allotted ovens, or as a lump sum to one or more ovens. The latter option may mean that a family gets a free oven thanks to your generosity. The donations will not go towards extra purchases but the Global Sun Oven ® only - as any pots / pans can be used. At this stage the donations are not tax deductible as far as we know - we just want to get these items into peoples hands who need them as quickly as possible.

You may donate whatever amount is on your heart.

I would like to donate $

Your generosity and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated by us and we're sure will be by the victims!

*This deal is intended for those who have had natural disasters affect them in a severe way. Those who are living outside their means or are waiting for insurance payouts need not apply.

Global Sun Oven Made in USA
Global Sun Oven $599 Emergency special $450 Including Free Delivery
Use as your everyday cooker in the sun. For disaster victims only subsidised by us. Includes TNT courier delivery Australia Wide.

Non-Stick Large Loaf Pan $17 Special $14
Heavy Gauge, Dishwasher Safe, 5 Year Warranty

Bread Pan $12
Bread pan for baking breads, cakes etc - heavy metal with durable non-stick coating

Bread Pan Large $15
Large Bread pan for baking breads, cakes etc - heavy metal with durable non-stick coating

Cook Book A Month of SUNdays $27.50
A great book to compliment your Global Sun Oven ® 81 Pages

Morning Hill Cook Book $30
Vegetarian recipes and Solar Cooking tips for the Global Sun Oven ® 97 Pages

The Solar Chef cook book $30
A different type of cook book! Solar cooking tips recipes & more 50 Pages

The Sunny Side of Cooking Lisa Rayner $25
A guide for both inexperienced and expert solar chefs with over 100 vegetarian recipes. Also helpful sections like how to convert recipes for your solar cooker. 128 Pages

BOOK WBHS Wild Bread Making Sour Dough etc Lisa Rayner $30
Have you ever wanted to bake San Francisco sourdough, crusty French artisan loaves, dense Russian ryes, Italian ciabatta, Indian naan, pita bread, great homemade pizza crusts, soft whole wheat sandwich bread, bagels, sweet doughs, Ethiopian injera crêpes and much more? This book is for you! 170 Pages

The Natural Canning Resource Book Lisa Rayner $37.50
Learn how to can - Healthily! This book explains the science behind USDA canning guidelines and explores how to can foods using healthy, natural ingredients you’ll find at your local farmer’s market, CSA and natural foods grocery, buying club or cooperative. 202 Pages

Granite Ware Roasting Pot & Steamer $45
4L Roasting pot with steamer insert and lid for cooking, roasting, stewing etc Quality Baked Enamel

Granite Ware Roasting Dish $35
Great all-purpose 3L pot with lid for cooking, roasting, stewing etc Quality Baked Enamel for versatile and safe cooking!

Granite Ware Twin Set Stackable Roasting Pots $55 NEW ITEM - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Great all-purpose pots with lids for cooking, roasting, stewing etc Quality Baked Enamel. One lid is Granite Ware, the other glass to give full versatility in cooking. 2 fit on top of each other in the Global Sun Oven ®

Dehydrating Racks - 3 Set $50
Stackable Drying Racks. Three to a set, all 3 can be stacked to give great air flow and effective drying of fruit, vegetables and meat. Comes with Earth Friendly Coated Parchment paper and instructions.Can be used with or without the fly cover (below)

Fold Up Fly Cover $12 Currently Unavailable
Perfect for fruit leathers, sun-dried tomatoes etc. Folds up when not in use

Cookie Trays (pair) $35 Special $29
Heavy Gauge pans to ensure even cooking and perfect results. Ideal for cookies and slice. Cross - stackable to maximise use in the Global Sun Oven ® Quality non stick surface.

WAPI $20
Perfect for pasteurising milk or water - making it safe to drink. This saves times as the temperature is lower than boiling point.

Deluxe Preparedness Kit! Over $155 Value- Sale $125 (normally $139)
DSC_3046DSC_3050DSC_3044DSC_3044 Preparedness Kit
Contains: Twin Stackable Roasting Dishes. Dehydrating Racks, Two Large Non Stick Loaf Pans and WAPI Water Pasteuriser indicator

The Global Sun Oven ® will be delivered via TNT couriers. TNT are very reliable but insurance is not included as standard. Uninsured items are unable to be claimed for or replaced against us. We will do everything we can to assist.

Purchase one only:
DAMAGE INSURANCE Cover against damage in transit

DAMAGE / LOSS INSURANCE Cover against loss or damage in transit